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Have you ever read the book of 1 Samuel? This is the book in the Bible that introduces us to the boy who would kill Goliath and become Israel’s greatest king – David. It is a story of faith, failure, triumph and tragedy. King Saul is on a collision course with disaster and David must cling to God’s promises if he is to experience them coming to pass.
For me, there is one message that rings out throughout the book loud and clear: God will do what he has said he will do.
God gave the people of Israel a king. God told him through the prophet Samuel that he will appoint him leader over Israel and, of course, he did, but after King Saul failed to obey God, he was informed that the royal line will no longer continue through his family. In fact, another king will be chosen. David was secretly appointed and anointed halfway through the book.
In contrast to Saul, David understood the certainty of God’s promises and he sought to trust God and obey him. Even at his lowest point in the Cave of Adullam when the armies of Israel were hunting him down, led by a jealous and angry Saul, David declared that God is the one who ‘fulfils his purposes for me’ (Psalm 57:2)
In other words, God will do what he has said he will do.
And that’s a promise for us today. If you are a follower of Jesus like me, then you stand at the other side of the cross to David – forgiven through repentance and faith and now with a whole new set of promises.
Jesus told us that he will never leave us, he will never drive us away because we belong to him (John 6: 37). If we take prayer seriously, developing our relationship with the Father in the secret place, we will be rewarded (Matt 6: 6). If we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, then all our needs will be met (Matt 6: 33), and so much more.
I have a pinboard on the wall of my study and over the years I have attached verses that have spoken to me, helpful thoughts that have come through prayer and prophetic words spoken over me by others. I consider them promises from God and every now and then I will read them afresh and cling to them.
Why? Because, like David, I believe God is the one who fulfils his promises for me.
When the tough times come, when there are Goliaths still to kill and when there is nothing we can do but just sit in the secret place and wait, one thing is sure: God will do what he has said he will do.