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It feels a bit self-indulgent to have my own website, but I’ve bitten the bullet and here we are…

I believe that God has given every human on the planet the ability to make, design, invent, celebrate… We were made in His image and He is very creative. I mean, really creative. And He doesn’t seem to mind displaying His beauty and intricacy and boldness for all to see.

So, if we are children of God and He is our Father in Heaven, let’s follow His example. Let’s do everything we can to discover, hone and craft the things He has called and enabled us to do.

Let’s create beautiful things and at the same time, celebrate Him.


I have written songs for as long as I can remember. You’ll find audio, video with words, lyrics, notes and chords etc on the Music page. If you want to use any of them in your church, that’s great. Let me know how it goes.


The Blog has been going for a while – ‘4-minute devotions’, maybe something in there will be a word for you.


The Podcasts have come out of the weekly blog. They are basically a spoken version of some of the written devotions, with a smattering of music around the edges. These also come out most weeks.


And finally, the Books. This is a recent (and surprise) development for me. The first was published in Jan 2021 and there are more to come.

If any of this have been a blessing to you, feel free to contact me on the Contact me page. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe if you want the latest creations as they come out.

Thanks for passing by and God bless

– Terry