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The world is changing.

For me, as a 60-plus-year-old looking back, the evolution of technology in the last 40 years has been breathtaking. The re-defining of beliefs and values in society more so.

Tolerance now means we must accept anything and everything, and free speech is only encouraged if we do that. Values once assumed in our nations, are no longer guaranteed. The Judeo-Christian framework for good government is under increasing attack.

Is God losing ground?

Psalm 96:10 reminds us of a couple of things that don’t change.

“Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns. ”

The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.”

The Lord reigns. He is sovereign. No one can claim his throne or topple his rule. He has all authority and all power. If the world walks in disparity to His Word, he allows it only as far as it serves His ultimate purposes.

I find it helpful to remember that.


But what does it mean to say that “the world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.”?

Throughout the Biblical narrative we find nations, and in particular Israel and Judah, disobeying God and resisting His will. We see them trying to move in opposition to His Word. At many places and in every season, the “world” wanted to be free from His rule.

But the world cannot be moved if that means away from God’s ears and eyes. It cannot escape his love and wrath; mercy and grace; delight and discipline. It is impossible to flee His claim upon our lives. We can’t run away from God.

When God made the world and proclaimed it good, he set it spinning in orbit to one sun only and accountable to one God only. It was firmly established as belonging to Him for all time. Just as our planet can never be thrown off its continual trajectory around our Solar System, so our world of people can never leave the Father’s firm but loving care.

It is firmly established in His hands and cannot move beyond the edge of His presence.

The nations of the Earth will always be accountable to Him. Every human life, whether they choose to acknowledge Him or not will be held accountable for the choices they have made. In love, God will continue to reach out, order circumstances and discipline where necessary, so that every soul may have the opportunity to see and believe.

You only have to remember the cross to realise how committed He is.


The world is firmly established in His hands. It cannot be moved away from his love and influence.

I find it helpful to remember that.