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“For thirty-eight years, the Israelites wandered slowly in the wilderness. The Bible doesn’t talk a lot about it—a few verses in Deuteronomy and five chapters in the book of Numbers. Is there anything to be gained here? Does this barren, lifeless place teach us anything?

At the beginning of Deuteronomy Chapter two, Moses continues his re-telling of the story of the previous generation. ‘We stayed in Kadesh’, he remembers, ‘for many days after the devastating confrontation with the Amorites. Then, we turned back toward the wilderness, along the route to the Red Sea. For a long time, we made our way around the hill country of Seir’. Many days. Wilderness. Long time.

For those with vision, those who love to be on the go, the wilderness is the worst place on the planet. It is not a destination of choice. It screams quietly of emptiness, dryness, a lack of progress, frustration, and death. Time stops. Nothing seems to happen. God doesn’t seem to say a lot there. Even the daily, unchanging grind is a constant reminder of his silence.”


I hope you will forgive me for using this platform for a little bit of self-promotion. The first three paragraphs above were a short excerpt from my book, Looking Back to Move Forward: embracing setbacks for greater fruitfulness

If you know of a friend who can relate to feeling discouraged, disappointed or even that God seems silent, then maybe this book will help them re-process and find God’s voice again.

The perfect Christmas gift perhaps?

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