Looking Back to Move Forward


Everyone has setbacks.
Most of us know what disappointment feels like. Some of us know the bitter taste of failure. There are times when life has not gone the way we hoped it would. We may feel responsible or we may feel we are the victim, but, either way, how can we find closure and move on? This book suggests that intentional reflection on past experiences in the presence of God may be the key that is needed for future fruitfulness. In other words, to effectively move forward in the purposes of God, we may first need to look back.

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While facing our past is sometimes daunting, Terry Nightingale builds a convincing case of why it is valuable, even transforming, especially when done in the conscious presence of God. This is a book filled with hope, encouragement and biblical insight. I take great pleasure in commending it to you.

-Dr Brian Harris, Principal, Vose Seminary, Perth, Australia. Author of The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View (Paternoster, 2015), and The Tortoise Usually Wins (Paternoster, 2013)

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