Bite-sized Devotions for the busy Christian


These devotions (80 in total) are based on the format laid out in my blog ( Each one is between 450 – 600 words and most can be read in under 4 minutes For those who want to linger longer there are suggested prayers.

Each devotion is based on at least one verse of Scripture or a Bible story. The text of the Bible is the main focus, accompanied by stories, illustrations, thoughts, or questions. The aim of each is to encourage, ‘build up’ but also challenge the reader to a deeper walk with God and obedience to His Word.

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Greetings from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. My name is Karl Malotane. I am based in Zimbabwe but frequently travel focusing on Theological Education in Southern Africa (TCSA).

An extension of my key role as Academic Dean for Theological College of Southern Africa entails leading two online learning groups with students and church leaders mainly from Southern African countries. These are the two groups where we constantly post the devotions done by Pastor Terry Nightingale. There has and is some tremendous response from the leaders from the different denominations expressing their appreciation to how the devotions from his blog ‘4- minute devotions’ have transformed their lives.

We therefore highly endorse his devotions, and I believe that this book Bite-Size Devotions for the Busy Christian will benefit the Church in Southern Africa as the body of Christ.

-Karl Malotane DipEd; BTh; BAHns;

MA Academic Dean, Theological College of Southern Africa


I always enjoy reading Terry’s online 4-minute devotions. They inspire, encourage and challenge. A great way to start the day! And this book of similar devotions will prove of equal benefit to everyone who reads it. Highly recommended!

-Graham Jefferson, UK-based Baptist minister and itinerant Bible teacher.

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